Review: The Transhumanist Wager

I joined Twitter and straight away had a follower and a direct message, isn’t Twitter welcoming?


So I went and downloaded a sample of The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan Istvan and started reading. I didn’t get to finish the sample. I couldn’t. It’s a flowery, verbose, over-adjective-laden, over-descriptive piece of writing. With similes coming like an avalanche and brutal adjectives assaulting you like a heavy book to the back of the head.

“Her thin black hair danced vibrantly around her petite shoulders” isn’t enough of a description. This goes on for a page or two. Perhaps even three, I was reading on my phone and it went on for six.

The author promises to be visionary but couldn’t hold my interest long enough to deliver. It comes across as the vague ramblings of a religious nut or conspiracy theorist promising an end of the world without their own paticular brand of crazy. It’s mainly rambling, incoherent and parts just start up and then disappear on odd tangents. Someone starts to insult the protagonist but mid insult the book veers into a back story involving a pool cue for a few chapters. I’m not sure if it ever got back to finishing the insult; I flicked forward but didn’t find it.

Transhumanism may be a great goal, improving ourselves through science and technology but hardly the philosophical conundrum presented here.

Would I recommend this book? Hell no, it’s a badly written, going nowhere piece of drivel.


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