Where have I been?

Well I’ve been here and there. Moved south to LA. Did NaNoWriMo and actually finished it. Had about 60,000 words at the end of November. Finished it off at about 70,000 words. I was pretty happy with that. I may come back and edit and rewrite as it’s a large amount of crap but there are, I think, some good ideas in there. Something that may actually make a novel.

So, just a post to say that I’m still alive.


Getting stuff done

Since work is very very very boring at the moment I ran out of options and excuses and opened up my writing. It’s really surprising how much I get done when I actually sit down to do it. About 1600 words yesterday, discovered a new arc on where the story it going and looking forward to more today.

This could be the weekend I get moving again.


Lords and Ladies

I was in the library yesterday and checking out the Terry Pratchett section of the shelf for Raising Steam when I spotted Lords and Ladies. Reading the back cover and even the first chapter I was all “Yay, a Terry Pratchett I haven’t read.”

Perfect for the bus ride home. I was at least half way through when something in it seemed familiar. I have read this before and own a copy. Ok, my copy has a much more colourful cover than this new North American edition, but it’s sitting on a bookshelf at home.

So now it’s all “Yay, a Terry Pratchett it’s been so long since I’ve read it I’ve almost completely forgotten it and it’s like reading a new book.”

It’s like putting on a winter coat for the first time this year and finding a twenty in a pocket.


Yesterday was going so well. Instead of procrastinating I got almost a thousand words written. Good words. Word of the day type words. Like sporadic. Which I didn’t write but appeared sporadically in Clueless.

This morning I came across a book by someone I met a few years back on a writing course. Back then we were both in the same place. Writing the first book. Now she’s an award winning full time author with 4 books published. My first book languishes on a shelf and may sometime see the light of day to prop up an uneven leg on a table.

Time to get back to work. Uggh. And grudging congratulations Ciara.

Twitter spam

I like twitter. I’m there @wilhyder. I find I can follow people who are interesting and link to pages I like to read. However once you start following writers, then lots of writers follow you. Then they try to convince you to read their books. It seems that the self published author’s main sales strategy is;

Find people on Twitter

Spam them.

Hope they’ll a) buy your book and b) love your book.

Hence the direct messages out of the blue that went;


 I replied to both, as soon as I see a video of the bleach drinking I’ll be checking out the book.


So this is a blog. Dum de dum de dum. I’ve started the blog to post about my writing, and if I ever get round to doing that instead of procrastinating, that’s probably what I’ll blog about. For now all I can blog about is my procrastinating.

So far the floors are cleaned, the oven is cleaned and I’ve started a blog. Maybe I should get started writing.